1. Paint

  • Original Rose Red (045, often called Raspberry) paint, relatively rare paint code
  • Paint readings show all panels are original

2. Performance 

  • 964 3.6L motor

               ► Converted for use in early chassis (fabricate DME harnesses, engine tin, bracketry)

  • 911SC 915 transmission

            ► by Rothsport

               ► Modified CVs joints to allow for 930 stub axles

  • Guard ZF LSD (50/80%)
  • Dual front mount Carrera oil coolers
  • SSI heat exchangers and stainless Monty muffler

3. Handling

  • Original set of “Deep Six” Fuchs, rears modified to 7” to allow Yokohama 225/50/15s in the rear
  • Bilstein HD struts and shocks
  • 22/28mm hollow torsion bars
  • Weltmesiter adjustable 22mm/19mm sway bars
  • Neatrix bushings (spring plate, control arms)
  • Turbo tie rods and bump steer kit
  • 930 Turbo brake calipers, machined to fit early 911 trailing arms and 15” Fuchs
  • Custom 305mm front rotors

4. Look and Feel

  • Leather Recaro LXFs are snug and comfortable enough for touring
  • Perfect blend of vintage and modern
  • $40k in receipts from Rothsport

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