Makellos Classics Porsche Pre-Purschase Inspection Service, or “PPI”.

Makellos Classics will help you get the Porsche of your dreams, at a fair price, with no mechanical surprises after purchase.

Schedule A Pre-Purchase Inspection

Overview of the PPI Service

When buying a pre-owned Porsche, it is important to know what you’re getting and what you may have to put into it post-purchase. This is why we offer Pre-Purchase Inspections. In our Pre-Purchase Inspections, we inspect the Porsche’s condition both mechanically and cosmetically. This service can easily save you thousands of dollars on your investment.

Areas of Focus

Mechanical Inspection and Test Drive

The Inspection starts with a test drive by our factory trained Porsche technicians who will note anything down that feels irregular or anything that may not work properly. After the test drive the car is put on our rack to check around and underneath the car for damage, signs of wear, leaks and anything else that could cause you as the customer to have to pay more after purchasing the vehicle.

Thorough Cosmetic Inspection

After the mechanical inspection, the car is looked through cosmetically. We paint meter the car to see if there are any signs of previous paint work or body damage. Interior wise, we note any tears or blemishes on the upholstery and check the compartments to make sure they operate correctly.

Final Deliverables of Pre-Purchase Inspection

Once the inspection is finished we make estimates for any work that may need to be done to the vehicle and provide the customer with all notes that were taken for that particular Porsche.

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