Porsche Build and Restoration Process

From Concours To Street Builds, Makellos Classics Knows Porsche

Makellos Classics’ Build Process: Understanding Our Offerings, Scope And Role In Making Your Porsche Immaculate

Understanding Your Goals

We know that every car is different - as is every owner. The most important part of the build process starts with a scoping meeting to better understand what you want in a Porsche. What comes out of these conversations is a plan - and from that plan, a framework and estimate for completion. There's no need for in depth knowledge of vintage Porsches; tell us what you like (and what you don't) and we'll help you understand the choices available to you. With so many options available for restoration and customization, we want to make sure we get it right and you get the classic Porsche of your dreams.

Nearly Unlimited Possibilities

Before we can answer that the inevitable question "How much will it cost to build and customize my car?", we must first define the caliber and extent of the build as it applies to your particular car and needs. To some, a build is simply painting a car and replacing items as their budget allows. For others, it means a complete tear-down and overhaul, with each component being rebuilt or replaced according to exact factory specifications. However you envision your project, we understand that projects are greatly influenced greatly by the car's rarity, condition, and intended use. We are here to help guide the direction of your project and like to start by first identifying the overall caliber of a project, which provides the framework to forecast the overall timeline and work required based on three categories:

Concours Restoration Porsche

A full concours restoration is the expensive end of the scale. It is very common for customers to identify "concours quality" as the level of build desired - that is until the extent of work and cost is identified. This is generally understood in the industry to be an unlimited reconstruction of an automobile to a 100 point perfection. These cars are perfect. They are the result of thousands of hours of skilled and painstaking work. Every individual part on the car is refurbished. All assemblies are completely dismantled and rebuilt to 'as new' condition. They have been restored to complete originality, usually much better than original in terms of fit and finish. These are cars with very high monetary value or to which the owner has placed a high personal value. These are the cars that win in international competitions such as The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance or the Bagatelle Concours d'Elegance in Paris.

Show Quality Porsche

While we complete a number of high-end builds for our customers every year, another very common project in our shop is what we be call the "local car show winner". Components that function would be refinished but not necessarily rebuilt. This kind of job may involve the use reproduction parts and interior seat and panel kits. This type of project takes hundreds of hours and would do very well (winning) in local shows and at car club functions.

Driver Ready and Street Build Porsches

We are often asked to do what we consider to be a "driver level" build. These cars are mechanically sound and cosmetically attractive. Everything works as it is supposed to and the owner can be confident of returning home after an enjoyable day. The car looks good and an appreciative audience will always gather around wherever the car stops. Costs here are very dependent on the condition of the car. If the car is currently resting on four flat tires  in a field, the prospects will be much different than one which has been garaged and pampered.

Hot Rod, Show Car, Something In-Between?

The next major element to the build process is understanding how you plan to use the vehicle. Are you looking to return your car to factory original condition and winning Best in Show? Do you want a daily driver and are interested in modifications which enhance reliability? Maybe your focus is performance, with the desire to dominate PCA track events. Knowing how the car will be used is key to formulating a build plan tailored to your specific needs and interests.

What Porsche Build Is Right For You?

There is no hard and fast rule as to where one type of build stops and the other begins. Most cars are done to a mixture of all three described above. Some areas will be done to a higher level than others because a particular car needs more work in one area. Often the owner will spread the costs out by doing part of the car to a less demanding extent. If the engine runs fine it may be cosmetically refinished but not rebuilt. If the existing paint is in good condition it can be used as a base for the new paint rather than stripping the car back to bare metal.

Before we start any job, whether it's a concours restoration or just a tune-up, we spend time with the customer defining the extent of work that is desired. We want to be sure that we understand the customer's desire and that the customer understands what that desire will cost.

Makellos Classics' mission is to help you navigate what can often be a complicated restorative process. Our extensive knowledge of classic Porsches is at your disposal throughout the entire project. As fellow auto enthusiasts ourselves, we  know that it can be difficult to solidify a project in its entirely up front or all at once. To assist in the process, we've structured a multi-stage process that allows you to tailor your design as the build progresses. Our project staff are available at each step to provide suggestions and feedback to help turn your ideas into reality.

Process Overview

After you've made the decision to proceed, a series of scoping meetings will be scheduled with you to solidify the style and options available for your build. A comprehensive build document for your vehicle will then be provided to you, outlining the specific details of your build and its schedule. The vehicle will be completed according to the agreed upon build schedule contingent upon the timely completion of the payment schedule outlined in the build contract. Customers will be provided regular status updates and pictures on a weekly basis via email and/or text message.

After we receive the green light to begin the vehicle will enter the Disassembly Stage, at which point it will be dismantled, all parts cataloged and the body prepped for metalwork.

Once the metal work is completed the vehicle will enter the Paint Stage. In this stage the vehicle will be completely covered in an epoxy primer so that the body work can begin. The car will quickly progress through body work to the paint process, where the vehicle will be painted in the formulation of your choice inside and out.

When the vehicle is finished with paint, your project will enter the Reconditioning Stage. Within this stage we will address the cosmetics of the vehicle by reconditioning available components and replacing missing items where needed.

The fourth and final stage, the Reassembly Stage, will involve the reassembly and tuning of the vehicle to ensure the fuel, electrical, and mechanical systems adhere to the strictest of standards. The vehicle will then be delivered in a “turn key” state ready for you to enjoy.