Hey guys, welcome to the Pacenotes, a podcast about all things Porsche. Today I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite projects in the shop, our 1967 911S hot rod. While we always treat each of our projects as if they’re our own, this one happens to BE my personal project.

  • Had the car since 2014, purchased from a member of the EarlyS forums. Come on a wooden dolly and had seen years of cobbled together repairs. Like many 911s of this era, many of the pans needed to be replaced, and after two years of metalwork and paint, the car is finally ready for assembly.
  • First year of the S variant 911, one of 1,823 S coupes

Came with a tweaked 160hp 2.0 motor (up from 130hp), increased compression from 9.0:1 to 9.8:1

  • Simple formula: add power, reduce weight, improve handling
  • Platform for the infamous 911R and 911 rallye cars
  • First year for the Fuchs (5lbs per corner), ventilated brakes and factory sway bar

  • Two way adjustable KW coil over suspension
  • Seam welded and reinforced chassis
  • Rebel Racing 935 front suspension with JWE control arms
  • Rebel Racing 935 spring plates
  • Tarrett Engineering RSR front/rear sway bars

  • Reinforced sway bar mounts
  • LWB steering rack
  • Turbo tie rods
  • Elephant racing bump steer kit

  • Upgraded to duel circuit brake system BMW 2002 reservoir, 23mm master and SS lines
  • Upgraded S caliper front brakes (72-73) and original 67/68S rear calipers
  • Upgraded cross-drilled rotors (944 turn to 385mm dia)
  • Wheels upgraded to Deep 6s, will run 195/65 or 205/60

  • Relocate heat controls to parking brake assembly (LWB) to WEVO 915
  • Depending on the engine, we’ll be using an original early S 901 or a later Carerra 915
  • Upgraded turbo fuel lines (feed and return)
  • Whole new wiring harness from Kroon

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